The Immolated Earth


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Andy Cedeno - Guitar
Blake Koningsor - Guitar
Blake Given - Bass
Nick Harrell - Drums
Elliot Gonzalez - Vocals

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released July 18, 2017

All songs written and recorded by LYED
Lyrics by Elliot Gonzalez
"Morningstar" - Produced by Nicodxmvs
Additional Percussion - Jas Nowicki

Engineered and Produced by: Jas Nowicki at Red Moon Studios
Mixing by: Alex Pfitzner
Mastering by: Jack Shirley
Artwork and Layout by Garrett Smith



all rights reserved


LYED Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Heaven is Not Enough
My love can't save both of us.
Track Name: Halos of Asura
When I was a young boy I was taught man would help man no matter what race. But we keep killing each other. With words and with arms. They are pulling the strings. Hiding in plain sight feeding violence to violent people. We're living in sins as they pollute the air to turn our fears into weapons. We let the darkness in. This is hell on earth. The devils are in business suits. The hatred, the innocence, it keeps growing inside. We are the greatest plague. The horror of man. We are the greatest plague. Humanity is gone. Riding on the wings of the devil.
Track Name: You Are With Me
Loyalty comes from in the modest hearts. The joy and the solace and the aid of man. Endlessly you chase my scent returning. Licking the wounds that come in encounter. While I was trying to survive on my own my eternal friend waited though the seasons. The goals I sought out and the friends I come across are nothing to your comfort. You aren't just my comrade. You are a part of my heart. This is not the way. Blinded by ambition. I will remember.
Track Name: When the Ashes Shape
And I remember that cold feeling. As your life was drifting away from my arms. I still reach for you across the bed. This home is nothing but a hollow shell. Walking in a ghost's footsteps. Old faithful can you hear me though the sun. Old faithful can you hear me now. Sixteen years which nature permits. Your unconditional love you have given me I'll take it with me staying outside the pearly gates. If i went in alone, it wouldn't be a heaven for me. Loyal till the end I'll see you someday. But now I am on my own.
Track Name: Autobiography from Dead Ends
You sew your eyes so tight in the corner of your room. Your friends are precious and now they are slipping away. This town is living corpse meant for the vultures wrath. You bury yourself in this tomb you call a home. Will you let the seeds of doubt take over the roots one by one. There was life in those veins. Now you fertilize the ground beneath you. There is no future. You will lose against the times. The only outcome will be you are your own worst enemy. That is all you got. You gave it away. The void swallows you whole. There was life in those veins. The eternal ache bleeds you dry. You dig your grave. Now you sleep in it. The final nail will be the last thing you hear.
Track Name: The Last Laugh
We set a pause on our lives for something that's not guaranteed. Hard work pays off only when you buy in. Those who remain true to the art will get their hands dirty. What's the difference between you and me? We keep our pureness. Not for an online applause but for an adolescent dream. What's the meaning of sacrifice? Our guts spill on concrete that leads into a punk rock hell. Fuck your popularity contest. For a egotistic network lifestyle. I will leave my finger prints somewhere thats good enough.
Track Name: Velvet Nightfall
Drain me of all my love down to the bone. Under your spell I beg for more suffering. I beg for a life to please. You cast a shadow in the dark. Dancing under a bleeding crescent moon. You don't care what I'v been through. You just want your taste. All of my blood is now in yours. Take every emotion. We're losing ourselves in this cycle of lust. Every scar, every burn. Become one with the lustful. Drain me of all my love. It's beautiful. It's frightening. A velvet nightfall.
Track Name: The Light That Swallowed the World
Can you please explain the paranormal. The question of our existence. Our fear of the unknown. I see the fire in the sky. The flames engulfed the vapors. Under a hypnosis vision. I hear them making their way to my bedside. They want to know what makes me tick. Dissecting and opening my body and opening my mind. Underneath the needles the light blinds. These are the new gods. Separate from fiction. Dethroning our religions. Ascending to the false angels. Open entrails, mind scan terrors. Drain the blood of man. They are the new gods. Ascending though the cosmic light.